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Another Batch Of AstraZeneca Vaccine Dumped

  Another batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine was dumped on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health.   The 130,000 doses had an expiration date of November 30.   Dr. Melody Ennis, Director of Family Health Services in the Health Ministry, said another batch of 30,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will expire at the end of December.   Third doses                                        At the same time, Dr. Ennis said the Ministry of Health is conducting a recount of the number of immunocompromised people who have so far received third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.   She said the figure as of last Friday is 30, but that could be less than the actual number.   “We are trying to clean the data because we do believe that there may be some underreporting here,” she admitted.    “I and the team have asked the field to reach out to these specialists in our hospitals…our nephrologists, our oncologists for them to really send in their patients who are eligible to receive the third dose,” added Dr. Ennis, who was speaking Wednesday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106.   Immunocompromised people are those who are active cancer patients, transplant recipients, those with immunodeficiencies, and others who are HIV positive and on immunosuppressives.     Some public health experts and pundits have suggested that more segments of the population be offered third or booster doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to prevent the medicine being wasted.