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What To Do When Pregnancy Shows Up


Being pregnant in Nigeria comes with a lot of myths, superstitious beliefs, do’s and don’ts to ward off the evil eye that haunts the preggo mum.

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Many ladies go low key when pregnant while others rock their pregnancies, throwing caution to the wind. This isn’t making light the struggles women go through in their pregnancy stage but rather it is about finding a way to enjoy the process, the highs and lows and still coming out strong still.

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Dancing might be just one of the ways to lighten your mood and help you exercise your big tummy if you do not mind at all, taking a cue from oap Toolz Oniru Demuren isn’t such a bad idea right? Check her post and tell us what you think.

Victor Augusto Gill Ramirez

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Dancing into 2019 like a girl whose prayers have already been answered! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 #Almost9MonthsHere #ChairmansMum For real tho, if your girl isn't gassing you up like this during your maternity shoot (even though you're stiffer than stockfish) is she even your girl?? Camera/hype-woman: @msjaydotaye (thank you for everything, we ❤❤❤❤ you Aunty Jummy) Song: 'Fever' by @wizkidayo Hair: @chrissybales

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'For this child I have prayed and You heard my cry. For this baby I had faith and You gave new life'… This time last year, I posted my most vulnerable and honest post to date after my miscarriage. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES!! This time last year, I would often cry myself to sleep thinking about the baby we lost, but now I can't sleep because I can't stop staring at the most precious gift God has given me this year….MY SON.❤❤❤ I look at my little prince and I am in complete awe! I still can't believe I'm a mummy. I can't wait to teach him everything I know and learn so much from him too. I can't wait to show him how much every inch of me loves him. I also can't wait to “Patience Ozokwor” his future girlfriends 😁😁 The biggest lesson I learnt this year is to NEVER…EVER GIVE UP ON GOD. Since last year, we prayed, fasted and prayed some more for God to bless us with a healthy baby in 2018. Towards the end of the first quarter, I started to think that our prayers wouldn't be answered in 2018. I stupidly got impatient and frustrated with God. One day in April, Captain came home and found me in bed crying my eyes out because I thought we wouldn't have a baby in 2018. Little did I know that as I was crying and getting upset and frustrated with God, I was actually already pregnant. While I was being weak and doubting Him, He had already answered our prayers! For our family, friends and every single one of you that remembered us in prayer….Thank you so very much. May God overwhelm you with incredible blessings this coming year. For women dealing with the loss of a child like I did last year, know that the story doesn't end there. God has already completed your testimony, and I pray that you (just like me) will be celebrating sooner rather than later. For anyone waiting on God to answer their prayers, please remember that God's delay isn't His denial. Thank you Heavenly Father for always showing that you've got me! Lots of love and Happy Amazing 2019 from Toolz, Captain and Chairman 👶🏾 #GodsGotMe #TreeOfUs #Testimony #We2019Ready

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